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Guangzhou Travel Guide - Flights
Update: 6/13/2008 3:15:00 PM Source: kanton fair


Points for Attention

How to buy tickets and how about the timetable.

I want to know more about the Airport.

How to get to the airport from the CECF?

It is a long way to get to the airport from the city center. It will take you about RMB 100 to 120 by a taxi.

Please be noted that you should get the boarding card 90 minutes before the plane takes off on the occasion that civil flight is taken.

Free Charge for Luggage

The free-charged weight of each passenger's luggage(including consigned and self-care) is as follows:

40kg for an adult or a child in the first-class cabin

30kg for passengers in business cabin

20kg for tourist-class cabin

No free charge for infant-ticket owner

Excess Luggage

If passenger's luggage excesses the weight for free charge, within the loading capability of theplane, it should be carried in the same plane. Passenger should pay charge for overweight fee at the rate of 1.5% of the price of the tourist class for per kg, accounted by RMB.

How to return a ticket?

Returning a ticket will not be implemented unless fees are paid subjected to the Bureau of Civil Aviation with plane ticket and relevant certificates.

Group passengers more than 15, if return the tickets on 72 hours before the stated taking off time, should pay 10% of the ticket price to return the tickets. If return the tickets between the 72 hours before the stated taking off time and 12 o'clock of the day before the leaving day, pay 30% of the ticket price. If post the tickets between 12 o'clock of the day before the leaving day and the stated taking off time, pay 50% of the ticket price.

Please notice the details from each Agent.

Editor: canton fair

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